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Episode 23- Cause Dialogue

Episode 23- Cause Dialogue

April 12, 2019

Episode 23 - Cause Dialogue

Looking for something specific?
02:04- What's This Topic All About?
03:44- What is Catechesis? #Echo
06:40- Set the Tone (& the space!)
10:14- Follow Your Own Expectations
12:59- Ask GreatQuestions
17:30- We Promise...You're Qualified
19:28- Don't Seek the "Right" Answer
22:23- Speak the Truth in Love
24:32 - Continue the Conversation


  • Jesus asked questionsof his apostles! Asking questions is a good thing! Making people think is a good thing!
  • Flocknoteis STILL AWESOME. If you haven't seen the wonderful things they do to help you communicate to your flock (your parish), you owe it to yourself to check it out.
  • We love the idea of having small group bins that hold papers, pens, reminders, etc. Check out these deep colorful bins or these shallow paper-holding bins

Paul thinks he owns this podcast. You're Qualified. Julia wants to be a tour guide. #SheBack #Echo #Catechesis #CauseDialogue #DistractionFree #AskQuestions

Episode 22 - Partner With Parents

Episode 22 - Partner With Parents

March 28, 2019

Episode 22 - Partner With Parents

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01:27 - We All Have Parents...
03:30 - Parent Memoires
05:26- You're Not A Secret Agent: Meet the Parents
13:30- Compliment & Complement Parents
17:38- Be Family Friendly in Scheduling
20:54- Brag On the Kids!
26:45- Parents Aren't (Shouldn't Be) Intimidating
28:07- Honor The Parent's Desires
30:39- Safety first...!
34:40- Never Side With Kids Over Parents
35:40- TRUST Parents


Episode 19 - Discipleship Path with Edmund Mitchell

Episode 19 - Discipleship Path with Edmund Mitchell

September 14, 2018


With Special Guest: Edmund Mitchell

Looking for something specific?
00:21- Special Guest: Edmund Mitchell
01:33- What We'll Cover Today
02:12- Edmund's Short Life Story
09:43- Current Ministry Heirarchy
11:14- What is a Clear Path (& Stages) of Discipleship

  • Seekers, Disciples, Apostles
  • Win, Build, Send
  • Encounter Grow, Serve/Witness
  • Membership Maturity, Ministry, Mission
  • Pre-catechumenate, catechumenate, mistagogy

17:25- Growing Disciples At Their Own Pace
21:00- Bringing People In that are Out
25:20- Who's Your Audience in Proclaiming?
27:12- Get into the Mind of an Outsider
29:38- Personal Encounter (It's Okay if People are Unhappy!)
31:31- Good Habits to Develop to Lead
34:18- Retreat Experiences
36:41- Discipleship 101

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Episode 17 - Keeping Involvement Past Confirmation

Episode 17 - Keeping Involvement Past Confirmation

August 31, 2018



With Special Guest: Pat Millea

Looking for something specific?

00:15- Paul & Pat's History
04:12- Pat's Current Parish Ministry
07:15- End Goal After Confirmation

09:54- Involvement Outside of Youth Ministry
11:26- Liturgical (& Sacramental) Involvement
16:52- Make them Leaders
18:21- Confirmation Interviews
25:44- Christ Calls us to be Active
28:46- Peer-to-Peer Ministry
31:32- Good Ministry Is More Work
33:42 - Potential Shift in Ministry Style
35:53- Recognize Your Wins
38:00- Baby Steps Are Okay - Just. Keep. Doing. It!

Shareables (resources) 

  • Paul referenced "wins" in your ministry. If you're looking for about that, listen to our first episode- we go into all the details of wins in ministry!
  • Paul's also talks about Kenna's episode (Pat's wife) about accompaniment. Take a listen tothat episode here!
  • Pat's parish, St. Michael Catholic Churchis in Prior Lake, Minnesota. Check out what they have going on in their parish. Here's a link to their high school ministry instagram too!
  • The classic "M" picture that Pat talks about seems to be popular...even tothis bride!
  • Try sitting down with your confirmation candidates before the Sacrament and evaluate various interests to help keep them involved. Here's a template to get you started!
Episode 16 - Art of Accompaniment (part 2)

Episode 16 - Art of Accompaniment (part 2)

August 20, 2018


With Special Guest: Kenna Millea

Looking for something specific?
01:07- The Right Approach to Accompaniment
03:23 - Non-verbal Communication is KEY to Making Kids Feel Safe
06:04- Be Self-Aware Before Talking With Youth 
10:25- Understanding Accurate Empathy 
16:46- Practicing Accurate Empathy (& Humility)
19:22- Role Playing Ministry Scenarios
21:20 - "Go-To" Questions to Start Deep, Open Conversation

  1. What was "the thing" that lead you to come here?
  2. What needs to happen at the end of this to make it worthwhile?

Shareables (resources) 

  • This podcast builds off our Third Podcast, The Art of Accompaniment. Take a listen if you're looking for even more ways to journey with your youth.
  • Pope Francis calls us to this accompaniment in his apostolic exhortation, Evangelii Gaudium- give it a read.
Episode 12 - Talking About Current Events

Episode 12 - Talking About Current Events

June 13, 2018

Show Notes:

Looking for something specific?
0:00 - Jake on the Noblesville School Shooting
2:20 - Current or Tragic Events in Ministry
4:00 - Events that Affected us as Teens
8:57 - Defining & Recognizing Current Events 
14:28 - Current Events Can Get Messy
17:48 - Include Parents (resources!)
21:16 - Reach Out to Schools
24:11 - Don't Always Be “Reactionary” 
26:07 - Equip Volunteers For Conversation
28:39 - Tie into Larger Picture of Catholic Trials (Pray the Psalms)
36:49 - Five Levels of Engaging Current Events
43:52 - “10 Reasons Why” as a Ministry Event
56:20 - Holding a Ministry Night Does NOT solve it all!

Episode 10 - Checking In on College Students

Episode 10 - Checking In on College Students

April 12, 2018

Looking for something specific?
1:33 - Who is in Generation Z? 
3:00 - Jake's College Legacy: Body Painting....
5:14 - Julia lived in a closet Freshman year
7:25 - Is it Youth Ministry's Responsibility to Check in with College Students?
10:25 - Continuing Discipleship through College Transitions/Decisions
13:54 - Equipping Teens Before They Go
16:12 - "So College" Event with Decision-Making Prompts, Contact Cards & Do-Good Books
19:42 - Getting Them to "Opt In" Before they Leave
23:25 - Specific Communication Tactics
25:49 - Holy Hour Intercession!
27:40 - Invite/Include the Parish
27:58 - Get up & Go Visit!
30:30 - Take Advantage While They're on Break
35:14 - Not Everyone Goes to College
37:38 - Challenge them to Grow

Episode 2 - What Freshmen Need

Episode 2 - What Freshmen Need

September 11, 2017

Looking for something specific?
0:51 Youth Ministry Kickoff ideas
3:12 Stories we Remember from our Freshman Year
10:45 What Makes up a Freshman?
12:08 EVERYTHING IS NEW - new high school "System"
16:30 Resource Alert! Phase Cards by grades!
18:45 Changing Physically, Emotionally, Relationally
21:39 How Can We Help
25:12 Orientation Done Right
33:35 Give them a person who cares and invests in them
36:22 Give them a place to feel safe

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