Pizza & Side Hugs

Episode 1 - Identifying Wins in Youth Ministry

August 29, 2017

Looking for something specific? 
0:00 - Where we got the name: Pizza & Side Hugs 
2:25 - Why we're doing the podcast and what to expect 
4:27 - Basic info about your rockin' hosts 
8:10 - Most unique (and additional) title we have held in youth ministry 
13:00 - Embracing the crazy and actually identifying wins 
15:33 - What happens when we don’t identify wins...yikes! 
18:36 - What wins look like in ministry- measurable, anecdotal, long-term etc 
28:36 - Evaluating wins on regular intervals 
32:07 - How to get started using wins 


(As promised) Fun Facts about Jake Teitgen 
1. He can't touch his pinky and thumb together 
2. He attended the University of Notre Dame and rowed crew...or however you say that! 
3. He karaokes on the reg...and knows every word to his "go-to" songs

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