Pizza & Side Hugs

Episode 15 - Fundraising in Ministry

August 9, 2018



Looking for something specific?
00:25- Julia has a new job...and almost a new name!
03:35 - Car Wash Fundraiser Fail...
05:15- Youth Ministry's Role in Fundraising
07:09- Stewardship & the Current Culture of Giving
10:29- Establish & Share Your Youth Ministry Mission
15:15- Tips for an Effective Fundraiser (ex: Car Wash)
21:30- Creative Fundraising Ideas
25:30- Starting an Endowment
27:21- More Creative Fundraising Ideas
31:38- Jake Found A Treasure Map Under the Table
32:22- Include Your Family
34:09- Strategic Fundraising
37:35- Fundraising Follow Up
41:24 - Low Income Parish Fundraising

Shareables (resources) 

  • Here is Julia's task list for the three fundraisers they ran for the National Catholic Youth Conference. Use it as a jump off point to create one of your own! 
  • If you want to have people sign up to help with fundraising, use a form like this at your first meeting to have them choose items on your task list!
  • If your alumni had a positive and impactful experience at an event, think about asking them to contribute funds. Here is a sample of a letter you can send for alumni appeal.
  • If you're looking for a way to set up a fundraising platform for your whole group or for a specific project, check out CherryFish as an option for your parish.