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Episode 17 - Keeping Involvement Past Confirmation

August 31, 2018



With Special Guest: Pat Millea

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00:15- Paul & Pat's History
04:12- Pat's Current Parish Ministry
07:15- End Goal After Confirmation

09:54- Involvement Outside of Youth Ministry
11:26- Liturgical (& Sacramental) Involvement
16:52- Make them Leaders
18:21- Confirmation Interviews
25:44- Christ Calls us to be Active
28:46- Peer-to-Peer Ministry
31:32- Good Ministry Is More Work
33:42 - Potential Shift in Ministry Style
35:53- Recognize Your Wins
38:00- Baby Steps Are Okay - Just. Keep. Doing. It!

Shareables (resources) 

  • Paul referenced "wins" in your ministry. If you're looking for about that, listen to our first episode- we go into all the details of wins in ministry!
  • Paul's also talks about Kenna's episode (Pat's wife) about accompaniment. Take a listen tothat episode here!
  • Pat's parish, St. Michael Catholic Churchis in Prior Lake, Minnesota. Check out what they have going on in their parish. Here's a link to their high school ministry instagram too!
  • The classic "M" picture that Pat talks about seems to be popular...even tothis bride!
  • Try sitting down with your confirmation candidates before the Sacrament and evaluate various interests to help keep them involved. Here's a template to get you started!