Pizza & Side Hugs

Episode 18 - Why Attendance Matters

September 10, 2018



Looking for something specific?
00:30- If our Podcast was an Animal...
03:15- Paul got a new title, Julia got a new name!
05:07- "If one person shows up, it's worth it" ... or is it not?
10:18- Safety & Attendance Stories
14:50 - What Numbers Should We Track?
16:50- The Long View: Why Numbers Matter
18:18- You Are Not (always) The Problem
22:39- How to Use Numbers
31:17- What is a Healthy Average Attendance?
39:18- When Your Supervisor Wants Numbers...
41:13- How to Make Them Grow
42:38- How to Effectively Take Attendance
51:58- Youth Ministry Point System

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