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Episode 19 - Discipleship Path with Edmund Mitchell

September 14, 2018


With Special Guest: Edmund Mitchell

Looking for something specific?
00:21- Special Guest: Edmund Mitchell
01:33- What We'll Cover Today
02:12- Edmund's Short Life Story
09:43- Current Ministry Heirarchy
11:14- What is a Clear Path (& Stages) of Discipleship

  • Seekers, Disciples, Apostles
  • Win, Build, Send
  • Encounter Grow, Serve/Witness
  • Membership Maturity, Ministry, Mission
  • Pre-catechumenate, catechumenate, mistagogy

17:25- Growing Disciples At Their Own Pace
21:00- Bringing People In that are Out
25:20- Who's Your Audience in Proclaiming?
27:12- Get into the Mind of an Outsider
29:38- Personal Encounter (It's Okay if People are Unhappy!)
31:31- Good Habits to Develop to Lead
34:18- Retreat Experiences
36:41- Discipleship 101

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