Pizza & Side Hugs

Episode 20 - Interview with Mike Patin

February 20, 2019


With Special Guest: Mike Patin

Looking for something specific?
00:19 - History of Personal Ministry
02:55 - Entering into a Community
05:17 - Struggles Encountered in Ministry
08:25 - Finding Support in Struggles
13:52 - Importance of Christian Community & Accountability Partners
24:37 - Don't Neglect Prayer
26:05 - Make Space for God with Regularity
34:12 - How Do You Stay "Fresh" in Ministry

Shareable Mike Patin Quotes

  • "You can't give what you don't have"
  • "If my ministry is not flowing out of my relationship with God, then it's not good ministry. If ministry is the only way I'm sustaining and nurturing my relationship with God, then I get in trouble"
  • "Make time to slow down the clock and give God the opportunity. Too often I have gone into retreat with expectations that were unfair and I couldn't just be with it for God."
  • Do not wait for community to be created for you. Create an intentional support community for yourself."
  • "I can fool myself on intentionality unless I have an accountability 'somebody'."

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