Pizza & Side Hugs

Episode 6 - The Eucharist

December 14, 2017

Looking for something specific?
0:33 We Have Our FIRST GUEST: Reid Leazier
1:35 A little bit about Reid "Lightning" Leazier
6:28 Pro-Eucharist Biblical Reference to The Eucharist as the Source & Summit of Our Faith
8:33 Reference to National Directory of Catechesis
9:25 "Youth Mass" - should you have one?
12:00 Connection with Our Lord Must Begin in The Eucharistic Celebration
13:14 Sacrosanctum Consilium & Lumen Gentium references 
16:45 Body & Blood of Christ is not a symbol
18:44 Celebrate Eucharist in Community
23:06 Liturgy of the Hours & Liturgy of the Word
25:10 How to Connect Students to the Eucharist
26:48 Get the Parents involved
28:16 How to Fully Participate in and Focus on the Liturgy
34:36 Eucharist Brings about Grace
37:01 When/Why to Abstain from Receiving the Eucharist
40:12 Explaining Adoration to Teens
45:20 Building the Interior with Quiet Time