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Episode 7 - So You Want To Be a YM Volunteer

December 29, 2017

Looking for something specific?
0:41 We have another guest: Nick Vergatos
1:20 Finding Great Volunteers
6:41 Know What You Want From Volunteers
7:45 Why it's good to avoid the term "volunteer"
9:05 Alternative words to use for those that help in ministry
11:20 "Dating" vs. "Marrying" Your Volunteers
14:43 Creating Volunteer Job Descriptions
15:44 Equipping New Volunteers
17:47 Continual Training and Orientation is Vital
18:42 DTR (Define the Relationship) With Volunteers
21:40 Volunteers Understanding Wins
23:15 Interview with Nick Vergatos
29:42 What Keeps Nick Coming Back 

  • Why he wanted to get involved
  • Process of getting involved
  • Why he keeps coming back
  • How to decide what roles to take on
  • When he's been celebrated as a volunteer

36:24 Playing to Strengths of Volunteers
Volunteer Shout Outs